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Boundless Benefits

Each and every day, your skilled staff wastes precious relationship building time performing tedious tasks. This takes time and energy away from their primary purpose: to build relationships, offer more high touch to cases and customers... increase revenues.

Stop running in place. Give Employee Pooling a call. We will handle all the dirty work so your uniquely skilled talent can have more time to shine.

With EP, your case managers could:

  • Spend an additional two to three hours a day launching new revenue-generating or cost-reducing programs.
  • Create a high-touch team for your very best agents or largest cases.
  • Up-sell from short-term to long-term life or from term to UL and cross-sell LTC, DI, Annuities.
  • Focus on building relationships with current agents and recruiting new ones.

Think about how this could transform your agency. Can you afford NOT to call us?

If you’re ready to make the impossible possible, contact us today!

With Employee Pooling, you will enjoy the following advantages:

Phenomenal Cost Savings

Let us handle your business processing services at a fraction of what you are paying now. On average, a single employee costs your BGA $5,600.00 a month. The monthly cost of an Employee Pooling FTE (Full Time Equivalent) is only $1,975 or less!

Time is Money

Save countless hours with EP. Because staff will arrive at the office with a daily action list already compiled, they will have a full mornings jump on your competition. With the tedious tasks out of the way, they can focus on building loyalty and boosting revenues.

Simplified Onboarding

EPs personnel are trained to use your AMS and fully trained for the departments they serve. They are ready to go from day one, “out of the box,” eliminating delays and saving you thousands in new hire costs.

Employee Satisfaction

By outsourcing monotonous business processes, your highly skilled staff will be free to focus on what they were hired to do: building relationships, driving growth and increasing revenues. In the end, this will result in happier, more engaged employees.

Competitive Edge

With EP, your team can devote more time and attention to each agent’s needs. Top that off with your ability to submit applications and move them through underwriting at lightning speed. You will gain a major edge on the competition and all parties will get paid faster!

Increased Revenues

Because EP allows you to manage additional business with ease, your revenues will skyrocket all at current staffing levels!