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1) What kind of services do you provide?

We provide technical support to our customers. It includes desktops, laptops and printers.


Desktop Optimization:

SureLC installation

Antivirus not updating

Antivirus installation-uninstallation

Antivirus not scanning

Adobe reader or acrobat configuration

IE issue

MS office installation-uninstallation

Printer installation

Team viewer setup securely

System not booting in normal mode

Security/Firewall/Data Privecy

Spywares and malwares removal

Share-file issue

Update Computer Drivers

Outlook issue

Virus Removal

Agency Integrator:

Customized report

Memos creation

Add agent

Add product/plan

Add carrier

Add Carbon Copies

Smart Office:

SO settings

Dynamic reports

Thank you letter settings

2) What are your business hours?

Our office hours are 10:PM EST tonight until 12:30 P.M EST the following day.

3) How and When can you assist me ?

a) As Soon as Possible – call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

After hours - When it is not an emergency, our customers want us to work it their off-hours, between 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM EST. Generally, we will log on remotely sometime between 8:00 PM and 7:00 AM EST (Please see frequently asked questions "How will you connect to my computer").

4) How will you connect to my computer?

a) Click here to download and install the Team Viewer Application. (Team viewer allows us to access your computer)

b) Provide the "User ID" and "Password" of team-viewer while creating support ticket. (We will store your user ID and password for your future tickets)

Note: Please leave your computer "ON" when you leave for the day so that our technician can work on it remotely that evening.

5) How much does this service cost ?

$30 to resolve a technical ticket (up to 1 hour) then $30 per hour,prorated.

$15 per Agency Integrator Report or Smart Office Report – rarely do we charge current customers for this service.

6) How can you help me protect my computer and increase its performance?

Steps we will take to optimize desktop performance:

a) Create a re-store point to protect personal files.

b) Remove temporary internet files and other junk files.

c) Scan and remove malwares,spywares and viruses.

d) Increase the virtual memory.

Advanced optimization: Perform MS-configuration (typically needed when we find that a computer has not been maintained or need critical software maintanence)

Note: After we optimize your desktop, we will report what we found and what we did to enhance your systems.

7) How often do you recommend routinely scrubbing a computer to keep it running like a Lamborghini? Once per month, two months, quarter?

Optimization is required at-least once in a month.