Our Company

Ep Building

The Employee Pooling facility in New Krishna Park, New Delhi, India

Employee Pooling® provides process management solutions to small and mid-sized American companies, enabling everyone to reap the benefits of overseas support.  Leveraging technology and a global workforce, “EP” offers businesses proven methods to remove obstacles that get in the way of nurturing customer relationships and increasing sales.

“EP” delivers scalable assistance and turn-key solutions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a highly secure environment.  Our skilled teams, headquartered in New Delhi, India, comfort customers with impeccable American English, verbal and written.  In addition, our home office in Nashville, Tennessee is always an integral force in everything we do. There is no communication gap in our performance.

Our value proposition:
“EP” dedicates fractional shares of departmental specialists and their management hierarchies, all for the price of an intern, to meet your service standards day-in and day-out.



  • Dedicated– Your work does not go into a queue. Service providers are assigned to your company and become part of the company’s fabric.
  • Fractional shares – We sell full-time equivalents (“FTEs”)- slices of time, and not whole units; therefore, you are only invoiced for services delivered.
  • Departmental Specialists – Your dedicated service provider will be fully trained on your system, processes, and the department(s) to which they are assigned. Our service providers are already experts on the leading applications in the respective industries in which they work.
  • Management Hierarchies – We are not a staffing company. Our dedicated service providers are managed and supervised by team leaders and operations directors.
  • For the “price of an intern – Reducing project and processing costs.
  • Scalability to maintain stability – Leave the challenges of scalability to us.  We meet the daily, weekly, and seasonal ebb and flow of business so your service standards are met day-in and day-out.

Since starting in the life insurance industry in early 2011, “EP” has expanded into mortgage and real estate services, and healthcare services.