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Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Co-Founder and CEO

An experienced and skilled manager, Harpreet Singh specializes in customer care, client relationships, and business development. As CEO and COO of Employee Pooling Resources, he oversees operations of the firm’s business processing centers in New Delhi, India.

Before joining Employee Pooling, Harpreet served as a senior executive in inbound processes for Eastbound Tours & Travels, where he maintained relationships with foreign clients doing business in India and learned the art of hospitality. Before that, Harpreet served as a Bank of America Loan Officer for Pioneer Solutions, working with U.S. clients in the selling and refinancing of mortgages for mortgage brokers across the United States.

His financial experience also includes a nine-month stint as a Senior Customer Care Representative with Vanguard Info Solutions Ltd., where he was twice recognized as the organization’s highest seller of NAGAM mortgages. While working with these companies, Harpreet earned invaluable insight into American culture.

A graduate of Delhi University with a Cyber Security Expert certificate, Harpreet’s interests include cricket and music; he is fluent in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Italian, and Spanish.

615 610 5585 (ext. 305)