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Kanwaljit Singh

Kanwaljit Singh

Chief of Operations

Kanwal is an experienced Chief Operating Officer (COO) boasting an extensive career spanning over two decades. He demonstrates unparalleled global proficiency in IT operations, strategic leadership, and the implementation of automation solutions. A few of his accolades include a remarkable track record in driving operational expansion, surpassing Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) reduction targets, and orchestrating transformative service desk initiatives across competitive industries.

Kanwal is recognized as a strategic visionary, channeling expertise towards product and process design. He is proficient in navigating dynamic environments and excels in leading diverse teams with a keen focus on achieving organizational goals. As a Certified AWS Solutions Architect, Kanwal has elevated the technical capabilities of our organization. He also holds an additional certification in ‘Strategic Business Management’ from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management-Indore.

Kanwal’s results-driven approach seamlessly integrates leadership prowess with a deep understanding of technology. By bringing a unique blend of strategic insight and technical acumen, Kanwal contributes significantly to the organization’s success and commitment to excellence.

615 610 5585 (ext. 303)