EP Insurance Services provides assistance and turn-key solutions to distributors and carriers and the vendors that serve both. We offer straight-through processing, from sales support to policy services, during US business and overnight hours. Our insurance back office support services are designed to streamline processes, increase productivity, reduce cycle times, and meet service standards day-in and day-out. Discover some of our most popular services.

Agent Appointment System
  • Comprehensive L&C Management--Processing, scrubbing, submitting, and managing agent and agency appointments until carrier issues a writing number.
  • Manage Producer Changes—address, EFT bank changes, AML, certification, and resident and Non-resident license and E&O renewals, process bulk hierarchy moves, and special projects.


Contact Michelle Anderson, L&C Division Head, for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 203)

New Business System
  • Application Processing – Getting the Application to the Carrier -- Scrub, upload, order medical and exam requirements, image and doc-type, and build initial requirements. Submit in-good-order applications and hold not-in-good-order applications with a list of items needing attention.
  • Case Management for Life and Annuities – From Submission to Commission -- Level 1 EP Auto-Feed System | Level 2 Case Management | Level 3 Advanced Case Management


Contact Alice Pratt, Customer Relations and New Business Onboarding Manager, for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 202)

Underwriting System
  • Prequalification & Managing Informals
  • APS Summary and QuickQuote
  • Risk Identifier—Access prescription drug databases + physician order lab results
  • Underwriters--US based, carrier and BGA experienced
  • APS Retrieval
  • Shopping rated cases


Contact Tom Gray, President, for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 201)

Commissions Reconciliation and Reporting System
  • Custom build and maintain a commission system for processing, reconciliation, and reporting
  • Provide ongoing commission processing, reconciliation and reporting services with maintenance support
  • Commission Support for Agencies without a Commission Management System

Pull weekly commission statements, convert the .pdf to .xlsx, and arrange all in a consistent format


Contact Marshall Gray, Commissions Division Associate and Business Development, for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 207)

Policy Management System
    • Mining & Minding the InForce Book with a comprehensive Policy Management System
      • Identify new revenue sources while helping policyowners extend existing coverage periods and find new needs for protection and investment.
        • Statement and Illustration ordering automation
        • Policy monitoring and performance alerts
        • Consolidated portfolio analytics
        • Contract details and policy values
        • Product features and alternatives
        • Year-over-year comparisons
        • Milk
      • Plus, assist agents with inforce policies
        • Manage policy notices, policy change requests, and other policy maintenance needs


Contact Tom Gray, President, for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 201)

Consumer Direct Sales System

Cash in on thousands of sales opportunities with the Consumer Direct Sales System.

Introduction Video Messaging, Calendars, Quoters, eApplications, Social Media Campaigns, Lead Management, and more.

  • Excellent recruiting tool to attract new agents
  • Grow new life insurance revenue
  • Offer life insurance and final expense in a Shop, Compare, and Apply environment
  • No face-to face meetings that consumers want to avoid
  • No lengthy applications and awkward health questions


Contact Troy Thompson, Head of Consumer-Direct Quoting, for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 208)

Software Solutions
  • EP SmartSource AMS (CRM, Agent Appointment, Case Mgmt, Underwriting, Commission, Policy Mgmt) System
  • Central Processing Center for IMOs and FMOs
  • Software Consulting & Project Management—Onboarding--Integration—Adoption--Training— Maintenance


Contact Tom Gray, President, for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 201)