EP Insurance Services provides assistance and turn-key solutions to distributors and carriers and the vendors that serve both. We offer straight-through processing, from sales support to policy services, during US business and overnight hours. Our insurance back office support services are designed to streamline processes, increase productivity, reduce cycle times, and meet service standards day-in and day-out. Discover some of our most popular services.


Producer appointments are a vital part of our industry, and L&C processing can no doubt be a puzzling and time-consuming enterprise, especially when dealing with multiple agents, lines of business, and carriers at once. Our L&C teams are dedicated specialists in this field, armed with superior L&C knowledge of over 80 carriers, an intricate understanding of all major Case Management and Agency Management Systems (CMS/AMS), and the ability to mirror and master your department procedures. Allow us to handle all your L&C needs, from contracting paperwork submission to appointment success, we’ve got you covered.

  • Complete L&C Application Appointment Processing
  • Full Data Entry
  • Scheduled follow-ups from paperwork submission to appointment success
  • Carrier/Agent communication documented, uploaded, and saved to your CRM

Contact Michelle Anderson, L&C Division Head, for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 203)


Our “In Good Order” Application Processing delivers reliable and efficient overnight support from application inception to carrier submission, all before processors even log in to start their day. Our services will leave you fully prepared to focus on your day ahead, knowing the following tasks have been completed:

  • Scrub applications
  • Order exams and medical records
  • Enter applications into your CMS
  • Identify and report applications that are not in good order
  • Imaging and Doc-typing
  • Submission of in good order applications

Application processing can be provided during US business and/or evening hours, giving you a full morning’s jump on your competition. Relieved of these tedious and time-consuming duties, your case managers will be free to focus on boosting profits, building loyalty, and positioning your agency for growth.

Contact Alice Pratt, Customer Relations and New Business Onboarding Manager, for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 202)


Case management is an integral part of your success, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day for even the best case managers to effectively tackle the many responsibilities at hand. Our unparalleled Case Management solution can double your case managers’ productivity by handling all those mandatory, yet time-consuming tasks such as:

  • Case updates - “EP Auto-Feed” provides near-time, overnight case updates via carrier and vendor sites; case status is then documented in your BGA Case Management System.
  • Timely updates posted to the CMS alert center, enabling each case manager to receive a completed list of action items by 8 am.
  • Creating a to-do list for your case managers to tackle as soon as they arrive each morning

Contact Alice Pratt, Customer Relations and New Business Onboarding Manager, for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 202)


This invaluable service builds out and maintains your commission module and provides weekly to monthly reconciliation and discrepancy resolution. Our Comprehensive Commission Reconciliation Solution (CCRS):

  • Delivers accurate accounting of special deals to your agents, sales VPs, and sub-BGAs
  • Provides accurate accounting of commissions due your BG
  • Builds-out and maintains AI, SO, HQ, and other commission modules
  • Produces concise commission statements

With this exceptional service, you will know all parties are getting paid the expected amount. Additionally, this solution allows you to run a variety of commission reports to help you manage your agency more effectively. (It is not unusual for the commissions we find to exceed the cost of the service.)

Contact Matthew Johnson for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 204)


EP can create a customized solution to fit your unique needs. Our expert staff will work closely with you to identify your pain points and find ways to eliminate road blocks.
We’ll help you pick and choose from the following to create the perfect tailor made solutions

  • Underwriting Solution that includes APS Summaries & Quick Quotes & Shopping Cases
  • Illustration & Sales Support
  • Professional Consulting
  • IT & Desktop optimization
  • Policy Owner Service Notices and Changes Management
  • Term Conversion Programs
  • Database Clean-Up, Database Management, System Conversions
  • Much, much more

Contact Matthew Johnson for more information:
(615) 610-5585 (ex. 204)