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Employee Pooling: Making the impossible possible.

Employee Pooling delivers innovative business outsourcing solutions designed to simplify your workflow, boost productivity and drive revenues.

Imagine this: When your team arrives at the office each morning, their most time-consuming tasks are already accomplished. That means:

  • All initial data has already been entered into your Agency Management and Commission systems.
  • An action list for the day is waiting in their inbox.
  • POS notices have been delivered.
  • Commission statements have been imported and reconciled.
  • Applications have been scrubbed and necessary actions indicated.
  • The underwriting status of every application has been posted.
  • L&C has been updated.
  • Medical records have been summarized.
  • Life illustrations are in your inbox.

Think it’s impossible? Think again. With Employee Pooling (EP), you’ll enjoy all of these benefits and more. Armed with unparalleled expertise and superior global resources, we have the know-how and manpower to capture and track the precise data you specify during your off-hours. And we do it all at a remarkably affordable cost.

With our business process outsourcing solutions, your staff is relieved of tedious, time-consuming tasks and free to focus on boosting profits, building loyalty and positioning your agency for growth. It all comes together to give you a serious edge on the competition.

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When Should I Turn to Employee Pooling?

The next time an employee leaves your agency, turn to Employee Pooling. We’ll make the transition seamless! Fully trained and ready to begin work immediately, our FTEs can maintain and even enhance productivity for your entire office. What’s more, you won’t have to waste recruitment and training dollars on a new employee who may not work out.

If your BGA is poised for growth, look to EP to minimize your expansion risks. Our support services allow your staff to operate far more efficiently and aggressively and add new lines of business—all while slashing your overhead costs.

Ready to tap into new opportunities, improve services and maximize revenues? We can help! EP offers the expert support you need so your agency’s talent can concentrate on launching pioneering projects.

In today’s aggressive marketplace, you need every competitive advantage you can get. EP delivers proven, no-risk solutions that will save your agency time and money, facilitate growth, boost employee productivity, and provide the best use of your agency’s talent. Ready to gain an edge on the competition? Contact us today!

Client Speak

  • When I arrive in the morning I feel like elves had gone into our system and put all our cases in order.

    -Heather, Greater Atlanta Area
  • When we were closed for two days due to the blizzard, it was a great comfort knowing that our work was being done. That we weren't falling behind.

    -Elizabeth, Nashville
  • As always we appreciate your hard work!! Thanks for everything you do for us!!

    -Jessica, Elm Grove
  • I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the extra help you have been giving me this week. I have been drowning in work due to the fact that bad weather has kept me at home for half a week. Thank you very, very much for being there for me.

    -Jayne, Nashville
  • I wanted to thank you all for your hard work and dedication. I greatly appreciate all the ongoing efforts to process the business in a timely manner and expediting the work for us to continue to meet our promised guidelines to our agents. The transition of having the Support team submit all applications to the carriers is going well and the additional step of imaging the applications in paperclip and segmenting the forms by carrier guidelines was completed seamlessly as we had hoped. Thank you all for your time, efforts and dedication to our company. I Appreciate YOU!

    -Vivian, Lawrenceville
  • I have checked each approved case that was noted by your team and they look really good! I am very impressed.

    -Kim, Nashville
  • We have been very happy with the job that Employee Pooling is doing for us.

    -Cheri, Louisville
  • Thank you for the great communication and updates. I see that you are doing your job well and trust you to make whatever changes you need to keep the system updated. Keep up the great work!

    -Keith, Flort Myers
  • I admit I was doubtful that you could deliver what you promised. However, the case managers say you are doing a miraculously great job. They love the help you are giving them.

    -Kailyn, Noblesville
  • Great! Thank you so much! We really appreciate your team & their hard work!

    -Brianna, Minneapolis
  • We completed review of the 1st 11 apps and see that we definitely getting where we want to be. These first trial applications are a good indicator of the quality of your work, and I most appreciate your patience in us tweaking this process.

    -Kany, Providence
  • Thank you so much. We are very grateful for the partnership we have with you guys to get all of the work done.

    -Christi, Dallas

Employee Speak

  • Every day at EPR is a great experience with constantly exciting new challenges that keep me on my toes. Working here allows me to be thoroughly equipped to match rapidly evolving client needs that mirror changing global technologies and evolving business trends.

    -Susana Singh
  • I began my career with EPR over 3 years ago. I started as a Case Manager then promoted to an Assistant Manager and now I report to the COO. EPR has always given me the tools and support I needed as I made decisions and developed in my career. EPR is definitely different than other companies. EPR promotes from within the company. EPR’s core mission is built on developing home grown talent and helping us to reach the next level of our potential.

    I can say without a doubt, there is no other company I would rather work for. I really enjoy the people I work with and I especially enjoy my customers I interact with.

    -Preeti Sharma
  • I joined EPR in early 2012 as an Application Manager. EPR is a company where the capacity of knowledge and the position you want to achieve are defined by yourself. As I look back, I am amazed with our achievements and proud to be part of this team.

    I am having a great experience with EPR. I feel driven to make a contribution and to make a difference. My work has made a positive impact on my life. EPR provides the stability I was looking for as well as opportunities to utilize my strengths and talents.

    Working with a company that provides excellent opportunity for growth and development is a great attribute for me.

    - Nancy Oberoi
  • I have been working with EPR for the last three years and I am really pleased with the work culture and the environment at EPR. It is my pleasure that I have been given an opportunity to interact with U.S. clients. I learn a lot here. Every day is a learning experience for me.

    My work has made a positive impact on my life. When you have a job you care about and a company that cares about you, it is a great feeling.

    -Praveen Mishra
  • Working at EPR has made me a firm believer in the power of efficient teamwork and visionary management in orchestrating great project outcomes. I am excited about EPR's rapidly expanding future in BPO and KPO in the international arena and intend to be an integral part of it!

    -Virender Kumar

Scalability and Stability

It is impossible for management to maintain the exact balance of staff and expertise to meet the ebb and flow of business demands as the tide changes daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, and annually. EP gives you scale and stability and cost control by plugging in our human resources as service levels demand and only charging for services delivered.

Phenomenal Cost Savings

Let us handle your business processing services at a fraction of what you’re paying now. On average, a single employee costs your BGA $6045.75 a month. The monthly cost of an Employee Pooling FTE (Full Time Equivalent) is only $1,975! Let us show you how much we can reduce the cost to run your business.

Time is Money

Save countless hours with EP. Because case managers arrive at the office with a daily action items already identified, they’ll have a full morning’s jump on your competition. With the tedious tasks out of the way, they can focus on building loyalty and boosting revenues.

Simplified Onboarding

EP’s personnel are trained and ready to go from day one, eliminating delays and saving you thousands in new hire costs.

Employee Satisfaction

By outsourcing monotonous business processes, your highly skilled staff will be free to focus on what they were hired to do: building relationships, driving growth and increasing revenues. In the end, this will result in happier, more engaged employees.

Competitive Edge

With EP, your staff can devote more time and attention to each agent’s needs. Top that off with your ability to submit applications and move them through underwriting at lightning speed, and you’ll gain a major edge on the competition.

Increased Revenues

Because EP allows you to manage additional business with ease, your revenues will skyrocket—all at current staffing levels!